Girl on Fire

She Knew

This painting was inspired by Mindy Lacefield’s painting on the cover of the Jan/Feb/Mar 2016 Somerset Studio Art Journaling magazine.  I was working on a piece of mixed media paper and just putting some paint down, not really knowing where it was going.  As I started to grab another paint color, I noticed the magazine laying nearby.  I decided that it would be my inspiration.   I sketched in the girl using a charcoal pencil.  I’m not sure where that wild pink hair came from!  I just felt like making marks with a pink water soluble oil pastel and so that is what I did.  My sister told me that her hair looked like it was on fire.  I had to laugh because I did notice myself singing that song “Girl on Fire”, by Alicia Keys, while finishing her up.

She Knew SV

I mounted the painting to a wood panel and was going to paint the sides black, but I ended up liking the look of the gesso layers I had prepped the wood with.   It had a white washed look similar to the painting.  I did run around the edges with a dark grey big brush marker to frame it a bit.


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