Book Inspired II

Book Inspired Pair

Here are a couple of paintings I just completed that ended up being inspired by another vintage children’s book.  Initially, I was working on making a pair of black and white paintings based on a Life Book 2016 lesson.  I had started by collaging on pieces of magazine imagines that were black and white.  Next I drew in vases with rose buds and painted using only black and white paint.  I just couldn’t get them to where I liked them.  I needed color!

Book Inspired 2

I looked through my vintage children’s book collection and found one that had some lovely line work in the drawings along with hints of soft pastel colors for inspiration.

I adhered some of the torn book pages over the previous paintings and then painted sections using colors inspired by the colors in illustrations.  I added paint by lightly sponging on various colors.  I then covered some of the color by lightly rolling gesso over the pieces using a brayer.  Next I added in more color until I liked the way it looked.   I also did a little stenciling through some drywall tape using black paint.  I wanted the pieces to have somewhat of a shiny surface and decided to use some Golden tar gel.  I put a layer of the tar gel on the paintings but they came out too shiny so I added a couple of layers of Collage Pauge in matte to tone down some of the shine.

Book Inspired II SV

Each piece measures 6 x 12 inches and are on cradled wood panels.  The sides are painted black.


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