Primary Colors

Collage Abstract

My husband recently updated our small bathroom and, once the walls were painted, neither of us were liking the color.  It is a pale blue and the color just looked blah.  Why is it that the paint color always looks so much better on that small paint chip then it does on a wall? We thought maybe once the new vanity was in, along with the towel bars and other accessories, it would look better.  But, because I really wanted one of those white waffle weave shower curtains, the room was going to need a pop of color.

I decided to see if I could paint something with color that might make a nice distraction from those blue walls.  I started with a bit of collage from a vintage bookkeeping journal.   Next, using an old store card, I randomly scrapped on acrylic paint in reds, blues and yellows and white.  I scratched into the paint in some areas.  I used a mini bubble wrap (love the mini ones!) to pick up some of the yellow paint and then stamped it onto a few places in the painting.  Using a textured foam roller, I lightly rolled some red paint over a few areas.  I love that this came together so quickly!

Collage Abstract 2

The lighting isn’t good enough in the bathroom to get a good picture of it on the wall.  This is a picture I took of it laying on a white poster board.  I do love how it looks on the wall though, and it really does break up all that light blue paint and adds a nice punch of color.


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