No Expectations

IMG_4133 (2)

I had a wonderful holiday weekend visiting family in southeast Missouri.  I didn’t have much time for art before we left on our trip but I just had to get some paint on my hands.   I decided to work a little on a painting I had put aside quite some time ago. It already had a number of layers of paint on it and I figured that it was going to be awhile, if ever, that I got it to where I liked it.  I really had no expectations.

IMG_4137 (3)

I scraped on a few colors of green paint, and then added some paint spatters and some gold leaf.  When I stepped back to see what needed to happen next, I realized that, finally, nothing more needed to happen.

I hope all those who celebrated the Memorial Day holiday, had a good one!


8 thoughts on “No Expectations

  1. Oh, one question…where in southeast Missouri did you go? We have a lot of beautiful scenery in this state. Maybe we were able to give you a little inspiration from your trip. 🙂


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