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Family This page was created from a bonus lesson in LB given by Jill K. Berry.  Jill created a lovely string of paper doll girls.  I tried creating my girls that way but was having a hard time painting their little faces.  I came across a page in Jane Davenport’s Beautiful Faces book where she had created paper dolls using vintage papers and book pages.  I decided to use her technique and put the dolls directly on a journal page. family 1 Each doll represents a woman in my family.  I wanted to capture a bit about each one of them in the page.  For my mom, I created her head out of a vintage accounting journal since she used to be a bookkeeper.  She was also an excellent cook.  Her dress was made with one of her handwritten recipes.  The next woman represents my sister, also a bookkeeper.  For the next three dresses, I used portions of pages from vintage children’s books.  My sister loves all things beachy, my daughter is a baker and food blogger and my niece is a daycare teacher. family 4 Here they are with some paint added and before I finished them off with some words and doodling.

Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces Mixed Media

This is a mixed media painting I recently completed on an 11 x 14 inch canvas.   Last year, I found a wonderful vintage bookkeeping journal at my favorite antique shop.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use it as an art journal or use the papers in collage.   I put it aside but found myself leafing through it occasionally.  I love the feel and fragility of vintage paper.  When there is handwriting on it, all the better!  The first page in the journal had this wonderful golden brown tone with a nice sheen to it that I just couldn’t resist using as collage.

For the initial layer, I collaged on some torn pieces from the journal to the canvas and then did some painting and stamping.  Next I collaged on some torn pieces of deli paper from my stash.  The papers were painted with Golden acrylic paints and then covered in interference paint.  This gave the paper a beautiful reflective surface that is just lovely when the light hits it.

Bits & Pieces Mixed Media 2

Next I added some Golden molding paste above and below the collaged deli papers with a palette knife.  I was careful not to completely cover the vintage papers from the first layer.  I made some marks in the molding paste to create texture.  Once the paste dried, I did some more painting with acrylics along with some watercolor crayons and once dry, I added some more molding paste.   After that layer of paste dried, I added more color with acrylics and watercolor crayons.  I finished it off by painting the sides black.

Bookkeeping Journal

Here is a picture of the journal and a piece of the first page.  The pages in the journal are dated from January to March 1910.

Journal Practice

Girl with Red Hair

I’ve been practicing sketching some faces in one of my journals and had some time to get one painted.  I have a hard time with the shading on faces but think I’m getting a bit better at it.  I still have a ways to go though!  This page had a collaged background that I had created a long time ago so there are a lot of paper wrinkles throughout her face.  I’ll have to watch where I collage next time I want to add a face to a collaged page.

Dreamy Valentines


Here are few Valentine collages I created using beeswax as the collage medium.   The wax gives the collages this wonderful dreamy look.  These were done on little 4×4 inch canvases.  I used a blue striped tissue from one of those mini packs that you keep in your purse for the background.  I then added a vintage photo I had printed to fit the canvas, a red ribbon and some buttons.


This one is similar to another I created last year around Valentines Day.  For the background on this collage, I used scrapbook paper cut to fit the top and the sides.  I really layered on the wax and pressed the key and love tag into the wax while it was still warm.  Once I had the collage how I wanted it, I rubbed some oil pastels around the edges to cover any white where the scrapbook paper did not meet.

If you would like more detailed instructions on how I create the beeswax collages please visit Mixed Media Art.  The link will take you to some Christmas collages I created using paper napkins as the background.   While there, you should go check out all the wonderful information and tips on creating mixed media art.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Life Book Lessons


Here are 2 more pages I created from the Life Book course.  The ballerina is from a lesson given by Patti Ballard of PbsArtStudio.   Loved her video showing how she created her ballerina!


The lesson for the feather was from Tamara LaPorte, creator of Life Book.  In the lesson, she used Tombow markers to color in her feather.  I have had Tombow markers for a long time now and mostly use them for shading and outlining collage elements in some of my art.  I did not realize that these markers worked like watercolors and you could brush out the ink with a wet paintbrush and move it around.   Really enjoyed painting that feather using the Tombow markers!



Here’s a painting I recently completed on 20 x 20 in canvas.  I was thinking I would put this in my new office at work but now realize I need something a little bigger.  Good excuse to get started on a new one!   :)

Perspectives side view

I really like the sides painted on the deeper edged canvases.  Sometimes I get carried away when painting and forget to work on the sides.  I end up just painting them black.  The first layer on this was some collaged on words cut out from magazines.  You can barely see it, but the word on the left of the canvas under the black ink scribbles is Perspectives so I decided that would be the name of this one.

Now I’m off to finish up my next page for the Life Book 2015 class.  It’s a fun page with a little ballerina.  I am learning so much!  LOVE this course!

A Lesson in Lettering

LB 2015 Lettering

Just a quick post to share another page I created from a Life Book 2015 lesson.  This lesson was provided by Joanne Sharpe and it was on word art.  I have always hated my handwriting so was a bit apprehensive about this one.  Joanne’s lesson was great!  I feel more comfortable now with using my own writing to create artful letters and words.  I still need quite a bit of practice so will keep a notebook handy to doodle letters in.

LB 2015 close up

I just had to add some collage to this page and used part of a list my granddaughter Emma had written for the top flower and it’s leaf.  I was going to the store when she was over one day and asked her if she wanted anything.  She made a list!  Among the items listed were $1,000,000, sweet tea, cake, & more cake. ha!  I had to save it for collage paper.  I wish I would have thought and scanned it first, but I am sure she will be happy to make more lists for me.