For the Love of Color

Color Love

Finally finished this large painting for my sister.  It is 24″ x 48″.  My sister loves color.  She has the most wonderful tree at Christmas.  It is white and she decorates it with brightly colored glass fish and other sea life along with many other wonderful things such as fairies, stars, and ornaments with feathers.  There are ornaments that I would never have thought would work together, but she makes it work.

Color Love 2

She was wanting a large painting full of color to hang above her bed and I was happy to paint one for her.  Something I learned while painting this one is that I need to go bigger on my shapes and other elements.  I should have stepped back more often during the process to see what was needed. Had I done that, I think I would have realized that the shapes needed to be added on a larger scale.

Color Love 3

I’m still really happy with how it turned out and think she will be too.

Expressive Portrait & Inner Guardian Angel


I finished a couple more Life Book lessons which were both portrait paintings.  The first one was created based on an expressive portrait lesson given by Jenny Wentworth.  I so enjoyed watching my girl evolve through all the layers of paint I kept adding to her face.   After the painting was finished, we were instructed to put down a layer of clear gesso and write down whatever came to mind.  I always have a hard time writing down my thoughts so most of the writing is art quotes I found on Pinterest.

Inner Artist Guardian

The next one was a bonus lesson given by Tam called inner guardian angel.  The girl was from a sketch I had done a while back in my sketch book, which was much smaller than this painting.  I scanned the sketch and enlarged it so it would fit onto my watercolor paper.  I then created a rub-on by printing onto transparency film and rubbing onto to the watercolor paper.  I really like using this technique because it allows me to use any of my smaller sketches in larger pieces of art.

Now I am off to work on the large painting for my sister that is still in progress.  Have a great weekend!

Mixing it Up

Abstract front

For this painting I started with a layer of various colors of acrylic paint, stenciling and doodles.  I then added little bits of collage.  The colored circles were cut from a polka dot paper napkin and collaged onto the canvas.  I added a bit more color to the dots using Faber Castell Gelatos (love the metalic ones) and some oil pastels.   I also added a few bits of torn music pages and a torn piece of a print I had created on the gelli plate.  Next I scraped on more acrylic paint using an old store card and smudged on some more of the Gelatos.  I used a white Sharpie marker to draw around the dots and added some lines with a charcoal pencil to add interest.  I finished it off with some manganese blue and carbon black paint splatters.  I couldn’t capture it in the pictures, but the metallic Gelatos gives a little shimmer to the piece.

Abstract left

Abstract right

This canvas is 8 x 8 inches.  I haven’t finished the larger piece I’m working on from the previous post.  I’m stuck on what to do next.  I’ll just have to be patient until it comes to me.

In the Works

section 1

section 2

I’ve been working on a large canvas painting for my sister.  The canvas is 24 x 42 inches and is the biggest I have ever worked on.  I’m really having fun with it.  The photos show just a couple of sections on the canvas.  They may or may not remain in the final painting.  I hope to be finished with it soon and will post a picture of it.

Layer Upon Layer

Mixed Media Collage

I started this painting on mixed media paper and added a little collage using a couple pieces of torn paper from a vintage calendar.  I kept adding layer upon layer of different colored paint (mainly Golden fluid acrylics).  The fluid acrylics allow some of the previous layers to show through.  I scratched into some of the paint layers while still wet and did a little stamping using the bottom of a flip flop (tiny dots) and drywall tape (tiny squares).  I also used bubble wrap to stamp onto some areas.

Mixed Media Collage 2

I finally got to where I was happy with the paint layers, but then realized it needed some more calendar numbers added near the bottom to balance it out.  I didn’t have any more of the calendar pages to use as collage but remembered that I had previously scanned some of the numbered pages into my computer.  I decided to use the scanned image to create rub-ons that I could put directly on top of the painting.

To create the rub-ons, I copied and pasted the scanned image into a Word document and then printed it out in reverse onto the slick side of some transparency film.  I lay the slick side of the film onto the painting and rubbed the numbers on using a craft stick.  I like that you can’t tell any difference between the rub-on numbers and the collaged on ones.

After adding the additional numbers, I felt like it still needed something.  I decided to collage on some crinkly black thread.  It was a pain getting the thread glued down but do like the way it turned out.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

A Bunny and a Bird


Even though I still have much catching up to do on other Life Book lessons, I couldn’t resist creating another page based on Juliette Crane’s lesson.  I just love all of her little whimsical creatures and bunnies are my favorite.  I needed to fill in some of the white space after I finished the bunny so I decided to give her a little bird friend.  I stamped the bird onto a vintage book page, cut it out and collaged it on the page.  I also added a little lace to the bunny’s dress by collaging on a piece of a torn paper doily.

I found a friendship quote on-line “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be” and wrote it around the bunny using a charcoal pencil.

Now that I got that out of my system (for now anyway), I can move on to another lesson and also finish up a few canvas and collage paintings I have in the works.

Heart Community

Family This page was created from a bonus lesson in LB given by Jill K. Berry.  Jill created a lovely string of paper doll girls.  I tried creating my girls that way but was having a hard time painting their little faces.  I came across a page in Jane Davenport’s Beautiful Faces book where she had created paper dolls using vintage papers and book pages.  I decided to use her technique and put the dolls directly on a journal page. family 1 Each doll represents a woman in my family.  I wanted to capture a bit about each one of them in the page.  For my mom, I created her head out of a vintage accounting journal since she used to be a bookkeeper.  She was also an excellent cook.  Her dress was made with one of her handwritten recipes.  The next woman represents my sister, also a bookkeeper.  For the next three dresses, I used portions of pages from vintage children’s books.  My sister loves all things beachy, my daughter is a baker and food blogger and my niece is a daycare teacher. family 4 Here they are with some paint added and before I finished them off with some words and doodling.