Here are the other abstracts that I mentioned in my previous post.  It’s a set of two paintings that I have name Obscured.  These are larger than most of my paintings at 20 by 20 inches.  They are on a gallery wrapped canvas that has 1 1/2 inch deep sides that are painted black.  I used mainly acrylic paints and charcoal pencil.  I had a lot fun making scribbles with the charcoal pencil and then somewhat obscuring the marks with paint.


Happy Friday!


Find What Sparks a Light in You


This painting was created based off a lesson in the Layers of Light course I am taking given by Laly Mille.   I love her teaching style and her beautiful light filled art.  If you haven’t taken her class, I would strongly recommend it.  The price is very good and you get so much out of even just one lesson.  She gives six lessons in the course.  So far I have completed two.  Here is the first painting I created from one of the lessons.

I added a few quotes to this painting.  One of them was by Oprah that reads – You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.   The inspiration I received from Lally’s lessons definitely sparked a light in me and I hope to create many more light filled paintings.

The flowers at the bottom were created with alcohol inks dropped onto the canvas.  I have never cared for alcohol inks much and very seldom use them.  Laly really likes using them so I thought I would give them another try.  Once I got the first few drops down, I rather liked the way it looked.  You can tell I got a little carried away but it was fun!

I hope you all have found or will soon find what sparks a light in you!



Cake Art from Turkey

Imagine my surprise when I found the following email in my inbox yesterday:

My name is Ece Seval and I live in Turkey. I have a bachelor degree in Product Design but I have decided to follow my dreams of being a cake master chef and now I am designing cakes! You are wondering why I am telling you these but I would like to design cakes from paintings those inspired me. Especially the abstract ones! With this idea, i’ve just glanced at pinterest to find some abstract art pieces. Than boom! I’ve just crushed on your ‘Cotton Candy’ painting:) Amazing colors! I am sending a picture of my cake, that I got inspired from your painting.

Here is Ece’s amazing cake…cake

and here is my painting that inspired her cake.


She did such an incredible job of recreating the paint colors in the cake icing and I love that chocolate ring around it!

If you want to see more of Ece’s cake art, you can find her on Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/pasta_pandasi/



Abstract on Paper


I recently completed a couple of abstract paintings but only have a picture of one of them to post for now.  I somehow managed to mess up the settings on my camera and haven’t taken the time to figure out how to fix it.


I do love painting on paper and then mounting it to a wood panel.  This began as a piece of mixed media paper I used to add leftover paint to while working on another project.  I have a number of papers like this just waiting to be finished.  If I only had more time for art!

Have a great weekend!




One of my mixed media paintings, “Autumn Haze”, has been published in the Autumn 2016 edition of Somerset Apprentice magazine.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was when I received a complimentary copy in the mail!  I absolutely love the Somerset magazines and was over the moon to have a piece of my art published in the Apprentice magazine.



The magazine will be available on September 1st and it is full of wonderful, inspiring art that has step by step instructions showing each artist’s techniques.

Happy Friday!

Drifting Peacefully

Easter 2011 027

This past Sunday, my beautiful, sweet, and kindhearted mother passed away.  I loved her so much.  Mom had Alzheimer’s disease for the past 10 years.  Through it all, she never lost her sense of humor and even had us laughing the evening before she passed away, even though she wasn’t feeling well.  I already miss her so much I can’t stand it.

I don’t usually write anything personal on the blog but had to share this picture of my mom taken in 2011, along with a poem written by my sweet cousin, Kathy.

Kathy writes poems for her friends and family, especially in times when they need her beautiful words to help get them through something heartbreaking.  This is the beautiful poem she wrote for our family.

Drifting Peacefully
I have been drifting away it seems for so long
I’m sure sometimes you’ve felt, I was already gone
Though I’m finally at peace, feeling, I’m home at last!
I’m with many other loved ones, who have quietly passed
So try not to be sad, my loved ones who are still here
I love you so much and I will always be near
So think of me with happy thoughts, every now and then
I am always with you and I will see you again.
But until then just remember, I’ll always be near
And my love for you all, will always be here.
Drifting peacefully!
In Memory of
Bobbie Faye Widdows 1933-2016
Written with love by Kathy Widdows Adams

We will cherish it always.  Thank you Kathy!