Abstract – Paper & Wood


This is the other abstract I had finished a few weeks ago.  I finally got my camera settings adjusted (or rather my hubby did), so I could get a picture to post.

I painted this on mixed media paper and then mounted the paper to a wood panel.  It is 9 x 12 inches.

Enjoy your weekend!



Finished Up


I had some time to finish up the abstract I was working on in the previous post.  I added some molding paste, and did some stenciling.


I continued the painting on all sides instead of painting them black like I usually do.  This isn’t one of my favorites so, who knows, I may rework it at some point.

I have really been wanting to work with the beeswax again and am hoping for some time to do so next week.  I bought a griddle and a few colors of encaustic paint.  I have watched a few videos where pan pastels were used for color in encaustic and I want to give that a try too.

Shadows and Light

Shadows & Light

I created this painting on mixed media paper and then adhered it to a wood panel.  I mostly used acrylic paints but did make some marks using neo color crayons.

Shadows & Light  3

The darker paint (circles and lines) is micaceous iron oxide (a Golden fluid acrylic).  I love Golden paints but had never used the micaceous iron oxide before.  I really like the gritty texture and the way it glistens when light hits it.  It’s hard to capture in the photo’s but if you click on one, you can see it much better.

Shadows & Light 2

I think I will be using this one more often.


Cotton Candy



I am very happy and excited that I was recently invited to exhibit my art at the Jefferson Street Gallery  in Morton, Illinois.  The exhibit will be up the months of October/November with a reception on October 3rd.  Cis Carlson, a fiber artist will also be exhibiting her beautiful felted scarves and other wearable fiber art.


I have been busy creating some new paintings for the exhibit and getting them wired and ready to hang.   “Cotton Candy” was created on a canvas using acrylic paint for the first layer.  I  then spread on molding paste with a palette knife and stamped into it with bubble wrap for added texture.  After the paste dried, I added additional color using Caran D’Ache watercolor crayons.  I scribbled on the color and then used a wet brush to paint out different areas while leaving some of the acrylic paint showing through.  Next I scribbled on a bit of India ink to bring it all to together.  As I was painting out the crayon marks, the colors reminded me of cotton candy so that is what I decided to call it.

Feeling Inspired!

paper & paint 006

I love Pinterest and always go there for some artsy inspiration.  Last weekend, I discovered some art technique videos by Jane Davies.  I went to her blog and proceeded to read about her techniques and watched most every one of her videos.  I was inspired!  So thankful for artists who share their processes!  I wish I could take some on-line classes but my internet is just too slow.  It’s hit or miss when it runs fast enough that I can watch a video all the way through without it stopping to load.  So glad it cooperated over the weekend!

I grabbed my deli wrap paper and started slapping on the paint to use as colorful collage pieces.   Once the papers dried, I started tearing off pieces and randomly collaging them onto a piece of mixed media paper along with other emphemera I had on hand.  Then came the stamping and painting.  After I was satisfied with the way it looked, I cut out 2 5×5 inch pieces and adhered them to a cradled wood panel.

paper art 009

Here are the 2 pieces on my hall table.  I debated on painting the sides black and but am glad I didn’t.  I like the look of the raw wood in contrast to the color of the collage.

acrylic & collage 010

I decided to create a bigger piece directly onto a wood panel that was coated in gesso.  Here are a few pics of the progress.  I haven’t completed it yet but will share when I do.

acrylic & collage 002paper art 011

Letting the Paint Flow

painting 3

I was really wanting to play but didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I grabbed a canvas and just started painting.  I really enjoyed just letting go.  I didn’t think about how I wanted it to look, I just painted.

Most of the time when I am creating art I get stuck on what to do to finish it up.  I’ll leave it laying out for awhile hoping to get an idea. If something doesn’t come to me soon, I will put it away in the closet.  If I don’t hide it, I will stress over it. Ha!   At some point, I will come across it again and finish it up, or collage over the whole thing and start over.

painting 1

No stressing with this one.  So much more fun just letting the paint flow.


Separate Ways

art 009

Here is a new painting I created on an 8 x 8 inch canvas panel.  I had just finished it and heard the song Separate Ways by Journey.   I thought that would be a fitting name because of the line separation in the painting.

First I collaged on a torn strip of scrapbook paper across the panel.  Next I applied some molding paste using a spatula (leaving most of the paper showing)  and then stamped into the paste using various objects.  After the molding paste dried, I did some stamping with StazOn ink, painted on some Golden Fluid Acrylics and did a little more stamping.   To finish it off, I made some marks using a charcoal pencil and then sprayed with an acrylic matte finish.

008 close up

Happy mark making!