Abstract – Paper & Wood


This is the other abstract I had finished a few weeks ago.  I finally got my camera settings adjusted (or rather my hubby did), so I could get a picture to post.

I painted this on mixed media paper and then mounted the paper to a wood panel.  It is 9 x 12 inches.

Enjoy your weekend!




IMG_3609I haven’t felt well this entire month so I have done very little in the way of art.   I wasn’t sure I was going to have anything to post this week but then remembered this painting I did back in December.    After painting a wood panel with gesso,  I drew in some triangular shapes with a graphite pencil and then added some India inks and acrylics.  I used a rubber stamp and some white acrylic paint to create the white lines.  I named it Connections because that is what came to mind as I was looking at the triangle shapes.


I’m on my third day of antibiotics and am finally starting to feel better.  I am looking forward to this weekend (supposed to be sunny and in the upper 50’s) and I am hoping to get some art time in.  Have a great weekend!

More Wax Play

I worked on a few more practice pieces of the watercolor paper on wood substrates.  This time I used some Dr. Ph. Martin’s iridescent inks I recently spotted at Hobby Lobby.  I just love the way the inks shimmer and was so excited to use them that I didn’t give them a good shake first.  Not shaking well resulted in hardly any shimmer to the pieces once the ink absorbed into the paper and dried.  😦   I should have noticed but was also working on another set of paintings at the same time and was more focused on them.

Ink & Wax

I dropped dots of iridescent jade and blue inks onto the paper and, using a foam roller, rolled the ink into the paper.  When those colors dried, I dropped on some iridescent orchid ink and rolled that in.  Next I scribbled on some circles using a metallic grape colored Gelato and scribbled a bit of a lavender Gelato in the center of each circle.  Using my heat gun, I heated the surface of the painting and then brushed on the melted beeswax.  I fused the wax and added another layer and fused again.  I’m not liking how yellow the wax looks on these paintings.  Sometimes the yellow wax gives a nice warm glow to a piece, but not this time.  Next time I’ll use white beeswax on the inks and make sure I shake the bottles well!

Ink & Wax 2

After the wax cooled, I scribbled on some black lines using a calligraphy pen dipped in black india ink and also let some of the ink drop onto the wax.  Once the ink dried, I fused the painting again and painted the sides black.

Switching It Up

Paper Paint Collage on Wood

This painting was going to be another page for my Life Book journal but, after it was finished, I decided to mount it to a wood panel instead.

LB Inspired

This is how it started out.  I planned on adding a little character figure to it and thought it was going to be another Juliette Crane inspired page.  I got sidetracked with other things and put it aside.

Paper Paint Collage 2

When I started working on it again,  I decided it needed a little collage.  I had an old adding machine paper roll laying on my table and colored some of it with pink and blue watercolor markers and then scribbled on some circles with a blue pen.  I tore bits of the paper and added it randomly to the water color paper using Collage Pauge.  The adding machine paper was so thin that you really can’t even tell there is collage on the painting.  Next I added some more paint and doodles.  I then thought of Flora Bowley’s Life Book lesson and decided to paint in some floral and other marks using black India ink instead of adding a character.  After the ink dried, I scribbled over some of it with a white pen.  To make the circles pop out, I smudged in a bit of Red Cherry and Passion Fruit Gelatos.  I’m loving that even though there are so many colors in this, they all seem to work together.



Here’s a painting I recently completed on 20 x 20 in canvas.  I was thinking I would put this in my new office at work but now realize I need something a little bigger.  Good excuse to get started on a new one!   🙂

Perspectives side view

I really like the sides painted on the deeper edged canvases.  Sometimes I get carried away when painting and forget to work on the sides.  I end up just painting them black.  The first layer on this was some collaged on words cut out from magazines.  You can barely see it, but the word on the left of the canvas under the black ink scribbles is Perspectives so I decided that would be the name of this one.

Now I’m off to finish up my next page for the Life Book 2015 class.  It’s a fun page with a little ballerina.  I am learning so much!  LOVE this course!

Cotton Candy



I am very happy and excited that I was recently invited to exhibit my art at the Jefferson Street Gallery  in Morton, Illinois.  The exhibit will be up the months of October/November with a reception on October 3rd.  Cis Carlson, a fiber artist will also be exhibiting her beautiful felted scarves and other wearable fiber art.


I have been busy creating some new paintings for the exhibit and getting them wired and ready to hang.   “Cotton Candy” was created on a canvas using acrylic paint for the first layer.  I  then spread on molding paste with a palette knife and stamped into it with bubble wrap for added texture.  After the paste dried, I added additional color using Caran D’Ache watercolor crayons.  I scribbled on the color and then used a wet brush to paint out different areas while leaving some of the acrylic paint showing through.  Next I scribbled on a bit of India ink to bring it all to together.  As I was painting out the crayon marks, the colors reminded me of cotton candy so that is what I decided to call it.