Texture, Collage and Gelatos

art 001

This was a fun little piece because I got to play in the joint compound again.  After applying the joint compound I stamped in it with bubble wrap and then carved into the paste with a pencil to create the leaf flower thingy’s (hmmm, maybe I should call them buds)  Once the compound dried I used 2 shades of blue and 2 shades of green Faber Castel Gelatos (I love using those yummy little sticks of color!) and scribbled directly onto the joint compound.  I then took a wet brush to paint out the colors.  I scribbled some pink Gelato onto my craft mat, watered it down and then spattered it on to some of the areas.

art 004

I added paper to the buds by tracing the outline using tracing paper and then transferring to scrapbook paper, cutting them out and gluing them down.  Once the glue dried, I doodled on and around the buds and into the stems with a black Pitt pen.  I also did a little stamping of white dots and black lines around the flowers and painted the sides black.  This was created on a cradled wood panel.  I really like using wood as a substrate when using the joint compound.

art 002

Happy Creating!



4 thoughts on “Texture, Collage and Gelatos

  1. I really like your project…joint compound is really a cool look. I must say that I’m disappointed in gelatos. I have quite a few and have looked at videos etc….and cannot ever make mine do what others seem able to accomplish. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!


    • I think it depends on what you are painting them onto that creates different looks. Using different types of paper, or coloring onto gesso or gel medium, can impact how they look. You’ve got me thinking it might be a good idea to do a little chart with them on different surfaces to see how the look changes. I tried making a spray paint with them once, as shown in a video on the Faber Castel site, but that didn’t work out to well for me.


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