Finished Up


I had some time to finish up the abstract I was working on in the previous post.  I added some molding paste, and did some stenciling.


I continued the painting on all sides instead of painting them black like I usually do.  This isn’t one of my favorites so, who knows, I may rework it at some point.

I have really been wanting to work with the beeswax again and am hoping for some time to do so next week.  I bought a griddle and a few colors of encaustic paint.  I have watched a few videos where pan pastels were used for color in encaustic and I want to give that a try too.


Inner Wizard


This painting was created based on a Life Book 2016 lesson called Inner Wizard given by Jenny Grant.  I had created the background on a canvas panel quite some time ago.  Not knowing what I wanted to do with it, I had put it away.   The colors in Jenny’s painting reminded me of the canvas so I decided to use it as a start to the painting.

Below are pictures I took through the process of Jenny’s lesson, beginning with the background.




IMG_4159 (3)



I enjoyed this lesson so much and learned a lot by watching Jenny’s techniques!



No Expectations

IMG_4133 (2)

I had a wonderful holiday weekend visiting family in southeast Missouri.  I didn’t have much time for art before we left on our trip but I just had to get some paint on my hands.   I decided to work a little on a painting I had put aside quite some time ago. It already had a number of layers of paint on it and I figured that it was going to be awhile, if ever, that I got it to where I liked it.  I really had no expectations.

IMG_4137 (3)

I scraped on a few colors of green paint, and then added some paint spatters and some gold leaf.  When I stepped back to see what needed to happen next, I realized that, finally, nothing more needed to happen.

I hope all those who celebrated the Memorial Day holiday, had a good one!

Collage and Paint

IMG_4069 (2)

This painting is on a 12″ x 12″ canvas and has been through many, many, stages.  I never could seem to get it to where I liked it – not even a little.  I finally covered it with gesso and started over.

IMG_4070 (2)

I added torn pieces of a map in random places on both the top and sides of the canvas.   Next I added some blue, coral and small amounts of yellow paint around and over parts of the map pieces.  The third layer was created by spreading molding paste randomly over the canvas, including the sides.  I stamped into the paste in some areas using bubble wrap and drywall tape.  Once the molding paste dried, I added more blue and coral paint.  I ran around the edges with a light gray Pitt big brush marker and smudged it in before it dried.

I’m glad I finally got it to where like it.  Have a great week!

Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams

This is a journal page I had posted on previously that wasn’t yet finished.  I just haven’t had much time to play lately but did do a little more on this page.  I cut a stencil out of cardstock for the hat and applied molding paste through it and then stamped into it with a textured piece of craft foam.  After the paste dried I colored it with a Tombow watercolor marker.  I used a white Posca paint pen to scribble on the hat ball and stamped on the words.  I’m calling it finished and am looking forward to my next project, whatever it may be.

For the Love of Color

Color Love

Finally finished this large painting for my sister.  It is 24″ x 48″.  My sister loves color.  She has the most wonderful tree at Christmas.  It is white and she decorates it with brightly colored glass fish and other sea life along with many other wonderful things such as fairies, stars, and ornaments with feathers.  There are ornaments that I would never have thought would work together, but she makes it work.

Color Love 2

She was wanting a large painting full of color to hang above her bed and I was happy to paint one for her.  Something I learned while painting this one is that I need to go bigger on my shapes and other elements.  I should have stepped back more often during the process to see what was needed. Had I done that, I think I would have realized that the shapes needed to be added on a larger scale.

Color Love 3

I’m still really happy with how it turned out and think she will be too.