You Tube Inspired

IMG_4831 (2)

One of the ways I seek inspiration is to watch You Tube videos of art tutorials.  I recently watched a video by Jenny Niemi.   That video inspired me to finish a painting that I had put aside a while ago because I couldn’t decide how I wanted to finish it.

IMG_4833 (3) I had stenciled, stamped and painted a lot of different colors and patterns onto a 12 x 12 inch art panel.  When I saw the You Tube video, I thought of the panel and decided to give it ago.

I sketched in the girl and painted her face.  I added the waves in her hair with a Stabilo pencil and lightly activated the pencil with a damp brush.  I gave her dress a collar using pieces I had torn off of a paper doily.  I then painted around the girl with white paint allowing a bit of the colors below to show through.  Next I stenciled on some words and then lifted off some of the paint by dabbing it with a baby wipe so that the words were not legible.  I also added some texture by brushing some drywall tape with blue paint and stamping that onto the panel.

Happy to have gotten another one out of my “what to do with” pile and finished up.

Have a great weekend!


Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters Chunky Collage Front

I am a tea drinker and just had to create a collage using the image of these two cute little girls having a tea party.  I really enjoy creating on the chunky canvases because the collaged sides just adds so much more to the piece.

Soul Sisters Chunky side view 1

I collaged on some papers, added some paint and did a little stamping.  I then glued on the image and words.  Once dry I used a charcoal pencil around the image and then smudged it a bit to make it stand out.

Soul Sisters Collage side view 2

I have a few more of these in the works.  So much fun!

Happy Creating!