Here are the other abstracts that I mentioned in my previous post.  It’s a set of two paintings that I have name Obscured.  These are larger than most of my paintings at 20 by 20 inches.  They are on a gallery wrapped canvas that has 1 1/2 inch deep sides that are painted black.  I used mainly acrylic paints and charcoal pencil.  I had a lot fun making scribbles with the charcoal pencil and then somewhat obscuring the marks with paint.


Happy Friday!


A Bit of Gold

I’ve been away on a wonderful trip with my daughter and granddaughter for the past week.  We went to Walt Disney World in Florida and then on a Disney cruise and had such a great time.   It was a very busy week though and I am happy to get back home and back to creating.


I finished a couple of abstract paintings shortly before leaving on the trip.  They were inspired by a gold leaf painting I had seen on Pinterest.  The first painting (above) is on an 8 x 10 inch wood panel.  I started by gluing down some tissue paper that had a map print on it.  After that I applied wall paint in white mint and aqua using a palette knife.  I also added some white paint letting it mix with the wall paint.  I kept building the layers and scratching into the paint.  I used a sea sponge to randomly had bits of the darker blue color onto the bottom portion of the panel.  Next I added collage medium in spots across the panel and added the gold leaf over the medium.  I also added little bits of gold leaf in other areas on the painting.  I painted the sides in the white mint color.

After I completed the smaller one, I decided to go bigger.  The painting below is on a 20 x 24 inch canvas with the sides painted and gold leaf added there as well.  It looks very similar to the first only much bigger.



Have a wonderful week!








Abstract on Paper


I recently completed a couple of abstract paintings but only have a picture of one of them to post for now.  I somehow managed to mess up the settings on my camera and haven’t taken the time to figure out how to fix it.


I do love painting on paper and then mounting it to a wood panel.  This began as a piece of mixed media paper I used to add leftover paint to while working on another project.  I have a number of papers like this just waiting to be finished.  If I only had more time for art!

Have a great weekend!



Mixed Media Girl & Dragonfly


I came across a canvas that I had created background on a few years ago but never finished.


I started with collage using scrapbook and other papers.  I added very little paint at the time I created the background and just decided to keep it that way.


I scanned and enlarged a sketch of a girl I had done on a legal pad.


I used carbon paper to transfer the sketch to the canvas.


I then painted in the girl using acrylics, watercolor crayons, Pit pens and a Stabilo pencil.

I finished it off by adding a little dragonfly embellishment.

Now I’m off to the next painting adventure.  Happy Sunday everyone!

Waxed Wooden Tag Art

wooden tag

I came across some wooden tags in my stash and decided to paint a girl on one of them  and then coat it in beeswax.  I sketched her in with a graphite pencil, painted her with watercolors and outlined with a Pitt pen.  I used a gel pen for the whites of her eyes and in her hair.

After stamping on some script text at the top of the tag,  I still felt it needed something more.  I added some little jewelry pieces that I had saved from a broken earring to a string and tied it to the tag.

wooden tag 2

Here she is after a few coats of beeswax.  It really deepened the colors. I’m not sure if I like it better with or without the wax.  If I do another,  I’ll make her eyes a lot lighter now that I can see how much they darken up with the wax.  I do like how the wax seems to soften the shading around her forehead and under her eyes making it look more blended.

wooden tag 3

It was hard to get a good image showing the texture created by the wax.  You can see it a little better at the top of this image.

Happy Friday and may you all have a great weekend!

A Challenge That Didn’t Work Out

IMG_2494 (2)

This collage and the one below were actually created on the same piece of mixed media paper.  I was going to participate in a challenge that Jane Davies had going on over at her blog here.   The idea was to create a composition on one piece of paper, which, when divided into four parts, you would not know each quadrant came from the same piece.

IMG_2498 (2)

I had never participated in a challenge.  I think because I do better work when I just start creating intuitively instead of focusing on an outcome.  Well, I didn’t end up participating in this one either.  Once I finished the painting, I kept seeing two distinct paintings, not four.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the entire piece before I cut it up.  The painting was created on a 9 x 12″ piece of Canson mixed media paper.  I then cut out a 5 x 7″ piece and a 6 x 6″ piece to create the two paintings.  I mounted them onto wood panels.

I am happy that I at least tried to do the challenge.  Maybe the next time I’ll be able to submit what I create.

Thing That Explains the Abstract Thing

Em's Note

My husband and I went to visit my daughter and her family in Nebraska a few months ago.  Before we left, my daughter called and said that Emma, our granddaughter, said to bring some dollars.  When we got there, Em had the coffee table covered in all kinds of “abstract” art she had created using different colored pens.  She had them all priced.  She is quite the entrepreneur!  While I was choosing my purchases,  there was a note laying on the table that caught my eye.  It was a folded piece of paper that said “The thing that explains the abstract thing”.  The inside proceeded to explain the abstract thing.  I really wanted the note but she had written “Not for Sale” on the back of it.  I tried and tried to get her to let me buy it from her but she was not caving.

Em's Note 002

Here is the inside of the note that explains the Abstract thing.  The day we had to leave, she told me I could have the note.  I was very happy to get it.  Emma is known for writing little notes about things.  My daughter finds them laying around the house all the time.  Some of them are just hilarious!  I will treasure this note and her abstract art thing always!

Em's art 001 (2)

This is a picture of one of her beautiful abstract art things.

Below is a picture of my two granddaughters,  Emma (brown hair) and Tena (red hair).  We always get out the art supplies and have some messy fun when they come to visit.  Love those little girls!

Little Artists (2)