Therapy in Session

I  finally got around to taking pictures of my new art space.  I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had accumulated and forgot that I had!  I love being able to hang a lot of the supplies from the IKEA bars so I can see what I have without having to search through drawers and boxes.

I still need to add a shelf or bulletin board above the long bar, but can’t make up my mind what I want there yet.  It’s such a happy space with all the bright colors!

I bought a wooden sign for 80% off at Hobby Lobby and found it to be the perfect size to go over the window.  The sign was pretty and had the word PARIS on it, but I wanted to make it my own.

I bought some wooden letters that spelled “ART” to add to the board.  I also wanted to add more text in the same font with smaller letters.  Instead of printing the words onto paper, I decided to make a rub-on using transparency film.  Using Word, I determined the size I needed the letters to be and printed them onto the smooth side of the film.  If you want to make your own rub-ons, make sure you reverse the text before printing or the words will be backwards when you transfer them to your surface.  Also, do not touch the ink on the smooth side because it will smear easily.

I glued some pretty scrapbook papers down to the board.  Once dry, I took the transparency film and laid it on the board where I wanted the words to be transferred.  I held the film down firmly with one hand and, using a wooden craft stick, I rubbed the film over the letters until they were all transferred.

Next I covered the papers and words with a coating of ModPodge for protection and then glued on the wooden letters using gel medium.   That’s it!  A custom sign for my new space.

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