Meet Lucy


Here’s the first spread I did in my character journal.  It is a small moleskine journal that measures around 6 by 8 inches.  The dragonflies are die cuts from K&Company and the circle flowers are pieces of a print I had made with the Gelli plate.  I drew and painted in the character and asked my granddaughter Tena what I should call her.  Right away she said “Lucy”.  I think that the name Lucy fits her perfectly.

Lucy 2

Here’s a close up of Lucy.  If you haven’t seen the new animate anything app, you should go check it out.  I animated Lucy on my phone and it is so awesome (although a bit freaky) to see your character come to life!  I wanted to post the animation here but it doesn’t look like WordPress supports the file.

I’m working on finishing up a larger painting that I had started probably about a year ago and am also almost finished with another spread in my character journal.  Happy creating!


6 thoughts on “Meet Lucy

  1. Lucy is fabulous! Her face is so sweet and I love all the texture and detail in your painting. I too have been playing with that animating app. My kids dragged out loads of my paintings to experiment with. I haven’t figured out how to even save the video file though. Quite freaky, as you say.


  2. Pleased to meet you Lucy! She is precious with that sweet dragonfly fluttering around her and I love the colours you worked with, both exuding a delicacy yet strength to them at the same time. She is an adorable character and hope we get to meet with her again.


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