Only a Reflection


IMG_4853 (2)

This is another You Tube inspired painting.  The video was posted by Nika Rouss.   I ordered a couple of the stencils she had used and, once I received them, I got busy painting.  Here is the video link:  Nika in Wonderland.  I really enjoy watching her videos!




Mail Art – Update

Em's art card 001

Ok, so you know how my granddaughter and I planned on exchanging mail art after she moved to Nebraska?  Well, I had sent her my first card,  then she sent me her first card, and then I proceeded to misplace it!  I looked high and low off and on for over a month for that card and had just given up on ever finding it.  Then, while looking for some ink to use in a project, I found it sitting right on top of a stand that holds all of my inks.   Right there, in plain sight!  I hate it when that happens!  But, I am so glad I found it!   Her prompt was butterfly and her picture is of me chasing butterflies.  I love it!

She did give me a prompt for my next card to her.  It was to have something to do with flowers.  I decided to do a silly card using distorted photos of me and grandpa as the flower centers.  These pictures are so awful but they are also pretty funny and I knew she would get a kick out of it.

art card July 001

The prompt for her next card is “puppy love”.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

The Ache For Home

Home Journal Page 008

I had created a background page in my moleskine journal quite some time ago but did not know how I wanted to finish it.  It had a big peachy colored heart stuck on one page that I just didn’t like.  I decided to try not to think about the heart and just started cutting out some papers which ended up becoming little houses and trees.  I then realized that I could make a tree out of that heart.  I’m happy that I could keep what I had originally put down for the background and make it work.

Journal Home Page 001

Home Journal Page 002

I’ve been thinking about my childhood home a lot lately.  I think we all probably tend to do that around Christmas time.  I googled  home quotes and found the one I added above by Maya Angelou.


The Good Things

journal girl 3

I’m still playing in the art jourals.  While working on this spread, I was stressing over some things that were happening in my life and told myself that I need to focus on the good things.  Even though the good things may not be standing in front of me waving their arms saying I’m right here, and even though at times you might think things are just awful, there is always something good around you!  You just have to be willing to open your eyes, see it and focus on it and it will get you through.

journal girl 1

I came across a quote by Dalai Lama about attitude and thought it was very fitting for this page.  Changing your attitude about things helps you see the good around you and brings on the happiness.

Wishing you much happiness and may you always be surrounded by many good things!


It’s What You See

I really like the quote by Henry David Thoreau “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

I added the quote to a couple of mixed media collages I created using chunky canvases, scrapbook paper, vintage dress pattern tissue paper, paint, ink, and molding paste.

I had a lot of fun creating these and really like the texture created by the molding paste.

Have a great day!